Cat Health Advice – A Simple Yet Effective Three Step Plan For Your Cat’s Health and Longevity

Are you looking for some good, reliable cat health advice? Are you interested in knowing the secrets of keeping a pet cat healthy and happy? Do you want to know how you can improve your cat’s health significantly by making small changes in its lifestyle? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, make sure you read this article fully. In the next few minutes, you will learn about a simple yet effective three-step plan for cat health and longevity. Now that you are ready, let us get started with the article.


The importance of a well balanced diet for cats simply cannot be stressed enough. A lot of cat owners, feed a home made or raw diet and find that their cat develops a number of issues. The reasons is not that these types of diets are bad, its just that veterinary medicine has identified 40 nutritional components that are essential.

Commercial foods or cat raw food diets, when formulated to balance these 40 nutrients, are very helpful to maintain feline health. Either one is fine as long as the following criteria are met:

– If purchasing a raw diet, make sure the label reads “this food has been proven to be nutritionally complete or adequate for all life stages.” If it doesn’t specifically say this, it is not a complete diet and should be avoided or only used as a dietary supplement. If you want to make a diet at home, work with a veterinary nutritionist, since in almost all cases, supplements are needed to provide nutritional components not available in most food ingredients.

– If you prefer a commercial diet, make sure that the diet is AAFCO certified, canned, and specifically states that it was “tested and found to be adequate.” Preferably the pet food should contain human grade ingredients. If you can’t find one, then purchase a veterinary grade cat food such as Science Diet or a premium cat food found in any pet or grocery store. If you are living on a tight budget, buying a cat food in a discount store is fine, as long as it meets the AAFCO certification mentioned.


Cats are reluctant water drinkers. They prefer to get their moisture through food, which is why canned food is preferred to dry. To encourage drinking, use a high quality water source (tap is fine if high quality). Many owners use filtered water. Give your cat what you give to yourself.

Providing an extra water dish in an area of the house your cat likes to rest will also encourage drinking.

Water encourages urination, which is natures way of keeping the urinary tract clean.

Health supplements

Have you ever wondered how animals in the wild stay so healthy? The secret is that they eat certain medicinal herbs to eliminate the toxins and cleanse their system periodically. It recharges their system, improves their metabolism, boosts their immune system, and makes them healthier. What is interesting is that your cat would do the exact same thing if allowed to roam free in the wild. Unfortunately, it does not have access to these herbs. It leads to a toxin buildup in its body, which affects its health adversely.

To avoid this problem, consider giving your cat a regular dose of these medicinal herbs in the form of an herbal supplement. You can choose a high quality herbal supplement that contains powerful herbs like mistletoe, milk thistle, huang qi, cat’s claw, and ashwagandha and make it a part of your cat’s diet. It is the most effective way to improve your cat’s health naturally.

The three-step plan, as you can see, focuses on three important factors – food, water, and supplements. These are the factors that play a major role in your cat’s health and longevity. So, understand your cat’s needs, know what is beneficial and what is harmful to its health, follow the cat health advice given above, and take good care of your furry friend.